Who We Are

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is a member-driven, not for-profit, charitable organization made up of community-based organizations, co-operatives, social enterprises, practitioners, active citizens, researchers, and other organizations involved in community economic development (CED). We work to strengthen CED in urban, rural, northern and Aboriginal communities across Canada, and contribute to better social, economic and environmental conditions at the local level.

CED is local action to create economic opportunities and improve social conditions, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged. CED is an approach which recognizes that economic, environmental, and social challenges are interdependent, complex, and ever-changing and that effective solutions are rooted in local knowledge and led by community members. CED promotes holistic responses that address problems at individual, community, and regional levels.

Our Vision

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network believes in sustainable and inclusive communities directing their own social, economic and environmental futures.

Our Mission

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network is a member-led organization committed to strengthening communities by creating economic opportunities that improve environmental and social conditions.

We bring people and organizations together to share knowledge and build a collective voice for CED action.

Our members are part of a movement creating community-based solutions to local and global challenges.

Our Values

CCEDNet and our members are committed to inclusion, diversity and equity. Our methods are participatory, democratic, innovative and entrepreneurial.

2014 Members

Our organizational and individual members are building stronger communities from coast to coast to coast.

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CCEDNet Member Map

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CED Member Map

What We Do

Community economic development strengthens communities.

CCEDNet members help local residents take action to build healthy, inclusive and vibrant places by supporting people, creating enterprises and engaging communities. 

CED Individuals
CED Enterprises
CED Communities

CED offers community-based solutions.

CCEDNet connects our members and other engaged citizens and community groups to create and promote learning opportunities, share resources, and advance policy. 

Here is what some CCEDNet members have to say about CED, why it’s important, and why they’re a member of CCEDNet.

Amanda Hachey

Anne Lindsey

Messages from the President and Executive Director


Diana Jedig,

ON BEHALF OF THE CCEDNet BOARD, we say thanks to you, our members, for 15 years of meaningful community engagement across Canada and internationally.  As our 15thanniversary blog series revealed, there have been many changes since CCEDNet was founded 15 years ago.  But the need for local leaders to connect, learn from each other and be part of a shared movement is as strong as ever. Together, we have evolved and adapted to changing times, and reinforced each other’s efforts to build sustainable and inclusive communities.


Michael Toye,
Exective Director

JUST AFTER CCEDNET WAS FOUNDED in 1999, the first National Policy Summit focused on three types of capital essential for the growth of community economic development: social, human, and financial. 

As it turns out, those three lenses are not just useful when thinking about what local CED efforts need to scale up – they’re also relevant for how we build a national movement.  Strengthening the social capital, human capital and financial capital of our members and the network will go a long way to growing our collective momentum for change. 

2014 Highlights

Website Traffic

Website traffic has almost doubled in the last two years, with more than 1,500 unique visitors each week.  Our online toolbox now has over 800 resources and there are more than 100 posts on our blog.

CED Video

In January, we launched our “What is CED” video, receiving 1,000 views in the first 3 months.

Social Media

Our Facebook page received its 1,000th like and our Twitter account surpassed 1,500 followers in June.


In 2014, more than 128,000 people used our website for news, events, resources & jobs.  In October we set a new record with more than 2,500 unique visitors per week.

Member Map

A new online membership system allowed us to launch an online member map, social profiles, and member directory.


Our national webinars continued with 11 sessions (free for members) on topics like immigrant entrepreneurship, the UN Sustainable Development Goals & collective impact for CED.

Outcome Measurement

CCEDNet continued its partnership with Social Asset Measurements to provide discounted outcome measurement support for members.

Capacity Building


CCEDNet’s Spark pro bono matching service surpassed $1 million in assistance for community groups.

Social Enterprise Development

In its first 2 years, CCEDNet’s delivery of enterprising non-profits – Manitoba has supported social enterprise development with over $100,000 in small grants & technical assistance.


SEOntario.org, our virtual showcase of social enterprise in Ontario, was launched in French and new interactive features added.

Virtual AGM

In May, we held our first AGM with virtual voting & an on-line annual report.

Building a New Economy

Common Bound

CCEDNet members and partners presented at the New Economy Coalition conference in Boston.


Our 12th annual Manitoba Gathering brought together over 500 people & featured Nancy Neamtan as keynote speaker.


Promoting Economic Alternatives

CCEDNet hosted several workshops and a Convergence Assembly at the People’s Social Forum in Ottawa.

New Economy & Co-op Week

We promoted and participated in New Economy & Co-op Week in October.

2015 Federal Budget

CCEDNet presented recommendations for the 2015 Federal Budget.

Policy Proposals

Updated policy proposals for Canada’s Social Economy were presented to key federal officials.

New Policy Strategies

CCEDNet engaged members in Manitoba to create new policy strategies for poverty reduction & social enterprise development.

Facebook Likes

2014 1188 Likes
2013 817 Likes
2012 511 Likes
2011 294 Likes
2010 80 Likes

Twitter Followers

2014 1787 Followers
2013 1252 Followers
2012 688 Followers
2011 279 Followers
2010 81 Followers

YouTube Views

2014 7655 Views
2013 2627 Views
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2010 266 Views

Website Sessions

2014 129 293 Sessions
2013 100 598 Sessions
2012 68 514 Sessions
2011 56 414 Sessions

Calendar Events

2014 502 Events
2013 404 Events
2012 148 Events
2011 69 Events

Toolbox Tools

In 2014 we added 144 tools to our website toolbox.


Blog Posts

We published 70 blog posts in 2014.


Join the Movement

When Canadians get together to work on making their communities a better place, they inevitably focus on common issues; how to make their environments safe for themselves and their children; how to create jobs and decent futures; and to ensure everybody has a decent home.

The Canadian CED Network is the country’s umbrella network for organizations and active citizens involved in a wide variety of community development activities. We bring people and organizations together to share knowledge and build a collective voice for CED action.

Together we are:

Building Fairer and Stronger Local Economies

Tackling Poverty and Homelessness

Investing in Sustainable Communities

We urge you to work with us to create social and economic opportunities for all Canadian communities. Membership in CCEDNet is open to all individuals and organizations who support our mission, values and goals.

Become a member, visit:


Our Team

CCEDNet is led by engaged members and dedicated staff, supported by a wide range of funders and sustaining members working together.